10th Jul 2014
Bonita Child Care: The Second Home
Each child is unique and special. That’s why when you are looking for a day care center, you are also looking for a special place where you can entrust your precious child. A day care is technically a second home for your child.
What makes a day care special? It is truly special when it feels like home. It should have the following:
  1. It should have the heart of a mother. Before the fathers react, studies have revealed that fathers are caring too but mothers are just more caring than fathers are when it comes to children. A day care should be established just like a mother establishes her home. How does a mom build her home? With lots of love and attention to details. No detail is too insignificant for her loved ones. The only acceptable thing is the best. Everything should be done with and out of love.
  2. It should have the strength of the fathers. Fathers are the homes’ protectors. The child is the parents’ most precious possession. No harm should ever come to him or her. Safety is the priority. A day care should be safe at all times.
  3. It should have the skill of a great cook. Health is wealth. Food is a major consideration when choosing a day care. There should be a qualified person in charge of the children’s meals to ensure these three things regarding the food:
    1. Safe and nutritious
    2. Delicious and attractive to the children
    3. Preparation of special dietary need if needed.
  4. It should have the mind of an educator. A special day care is concern about the children’s learning and intellectual growth. The activities are supposed to be fun and enjoyable and yet at the same time, instructive. Story telling and watching of educational materials aregood instruments to help the children learn more. The writing and speaking skills should also be enhanced.At the same time, activities of daily living such as eating, caring for self, relating with other children, toilet training and other similar activities must also be included.
  5. It should be friendly on the budget. Budget is important to the family. Quality should be affordable.

Bonita Child Care is designed to be a second home to your child. As much as you care about the quality care, safety, health, intellectual growth and financial consideration for your children, they do too.

You are family to Bonita Child Care.

27th May 2014
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